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Here we provide the sequencing data and computational methods produced by our projects.


Our lab GitHub page: Denglab@KI

Luo et al. Cell Reports 2023:

Raw data is deposited at SRA under accession number PRJNA856446.

Here is the  code and tutorial of our novel integration method scSTALT.

Picture 1.png

Yu et al, Communications Biology 2023:

You can download the DEG list for the PCOS mouse models in specific tissues:

Hypothalamus, Ovary, MII oocytes, Fat tissue.


Risal et al. Nature Medicine 2019:

Raw data and clinical characteristics are deposited in Dryad.

Here is scRNA-seq data of mouse MII oocytes from F1–F3 females: GSE133100.


Shangli et al. Cell Reports 2019:

Raw data  are deposited in: GSE109071.

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